Breakaway (Open Alpha)

Breakaway was going to be a multiplayer brawler game in which two teams of four attempt to move a ball (the relic) to their opponent’s goal.
Amazon hosted an open alpha version in December 2016.

UI Design, Art, Prototype
Amazon (Amazon Game Studios)
Photoshop, Aftereffect, Flash, Javascript, Lua

Pre-game loading screen design

I designed the screens using Photoshop, created motion and VFX using After Effects, and implemented using Javascript and Flash. 

Final in-game implementation

Design variations – version A

Design variations – version B

Design variations – version C

Design variations – version D

Design variations – version E


Daily Challenges

Final in-game implementation

Design mocks

Special level up sequence

Final in-game implementation

Social menu, UI Prototypes

I prototyped the 2 types of the social menu (friends list, party invites, messages) using Javascript, and ran some user-tests to see which design is more user-friendly and more viable in Breakaway.

Version A (Social menu on the right)
Version B (Fullscreen social menu)

Level up sequence

Final in-game implementation
Design Mock

Mode Select screen

Final in-game implementation
Wireframe and design variations

First-time user experience (Tutorial)

Working with game designers, I designed the whole flow of the first time user experience of Breakway. This includes phase 1 (learning the basic mechanic of the game),  phase 2 (learning the advanced strategies), and rewards.